TVDCM 2005 - 2006
A documentary film workshop using Mexico City as a laboratory and working area in order to develop a series of collective projects. Open to students coming from the fields of arts, journalism and anthropology.

Workshop participants: Antonio Bunt, Eder Castillo, Greta Gamboa, Carlos Garavito, Juan Pablo Garza, Nicolás Granada, René Hayashi, Laura Hernández, Claudia Jiménez, Ricardo Atl Laguna, Fernanda Mejía, Edith Lopez, Rodrigo Reyes, Miguel Rodriguez Sepúlveda y Tania Ximena Ruiz

International invited teachers/coordinators:
-Indonesia: Forum Lenteng (Ari Dina Krestiawan and Andang Kelana)
-The Netherlands: Kees Hin
-India: Sonia Khurana

General workshop coordinator: Diego Gutiérrez

Ruta 29 (fragment)

Don Agus; an 87 years old taxi driver tells us about life while he drives his small bus bringing the last Mexico City's travelers safe back home.

directed by
Ricardo Atl Laguna, Nicolas Granada, Miguel Rodriguez Sepulveda