while looking for the devil 2016
Ten years ago, the Dutch filmmaker Kees Hin travelled through South East Asia, Europe and The Americas, asking about the Devil.

The trip was filmed by colleague Diego GutiƩrrez, resulting in 97-hour archive
of image and sound.

Ten years later Diego GutiƩrrez and Danniel Danniel dive back into the un-edited footage.

Without searching for a conventional narrative pattern and by using a Random Timecode Chooser, they incorporate chance in the process of reconstructing the journey and redefine it's goal.

More of a rollercoaster than a train, more of a shoe-box full of photos than a neat photo album, offering more questions than answers, this non narrative film takes you where you haven't been before.

Year: 2016, 84 min HD
Countries: The Netherlands, Mexico
Direction: Danniel Danniel & Diego Gutierrez in collaboration with Kees Hin
Camera: Diego Gutierrez
Sound design: Hugo Dijkstal

With the support of
the Dutch Cultural Media Fund (MEDIAFONDS)
Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK)


While Looking for. the Devil -complete film, 84min, English subtitles

While Looking for. the Devil -complete film, 84min, Spanish subtitles


Diego Gutierrez: eldespacho@gmail.com
Linda Bannink: lindabannink@gmail.com