Tijuana-San Diego project 2000
For six months eight writers, visual artists and filmmakers generated, on a monthly basis a series of videos that were anonymously distributed among 200 houses situated in two neighborhoods on either side of the border-line between Mexico and the United States. At the same time, every Sunday, a week-by-week novel is published in two newspapers: one in Tijuana (Las Zebras de Tijuana) and one in San Diego (The Rainbow Chronicles). The novel tells and gives hints of what was going on with these mysterious packages, the neighbors who received them and the makers.

A project directed by Diego Gutiérrez in collaboration with Jeannine Diego, Jen Budney, Maria Thereza Alves, Joris Brouwers, Héctor Velázquez and Kees Hin.

With the support and in the frame of INSITE 2000

The Painted House (one of the films included in package 2)
watch complete film here

Alarm in Tijuana (5 min fragment)

Part of package # 2

The Painted House (5 min fragment)

Part of package # 2

The Red Fabric (5 min fragment)

Part of package # 6

Package # 1 (5 min fragment)

Part of package # 6


Diego Gutierrez: eldespacho@gmail.com
Linda Bannink: lindabannink@gmail.com