Turista en tu propio habitat 2018
There were never so many tourists as nowadays. But did you ever really observe them? How do they behave? What are they doing? And what are they looking for? In this workshop 'street photography' for primary educacion (group 5-8) we look into the phenomenon of 'tourism'.
What happens when we become tourists ourselves, armed with photo cameras?

We research on what makes someone a tourist and visit a real touristic spot in the city to meet them ‘in the wild’.
We will catch them secretly on unguarded moments, but also try to make special portraits with them.

In this workshop the children will explore different photography techniques. From observing well from a distance to personal 'portrait photography', in which not only the tourists are the centerpoint, but the children themselves as well. This way they are challenged to experiment with timing, point of view and perspective, but also to leave their comfort zone.

During the workshop, the children always photograph themselves and they work individually as well as together. They learn especially by making pictures, review them and discuss them. We try to ask clear and sharp questions about them.
What do you see on the picture? What is ‘spontanious’ or ‘real’? What is ‘posed’? What is ‘fake’? How do you see that? The possible different meanings a photo can have, will be discussed.

In the end a choice has to be made.
Which photos I am most proud of? Which photos I would like to show? Can I write something about them or give them a title?

‘Tourist in your own habitat’ is challenging, but at the same time accessible. The workshop is not only exploring photography, but also our relation to our surrounding.

Tourist Safari on the Museum Square

Tourists on the school playground

"Tourists on the school playground". Part I of the workshop; exercising on the school playground.

Linda Bannink studied at the audiovisual department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and in 2002 she completed her residency at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam. In 2016/17 she did the BIK-training (‘Professional Artists in the Classroom’) at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Since then she organizes, besides the documentary projects with El Despacho, photography and film workshops for children, in primary educacion (group 1 – 8). Meantime she gained a lot of experience in teaching children and adults.

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“Linda has such a natural attitude towards the children.
The lessons are thoroughly prepared, in such a way that she takes the space in practice. She sees every child and every child feels being seen. She gives the group such a natural confidence , that they give this confidence in return.”
- Elly, leerkracht groep 4/5 OBS De Roos

“Linda is an ace in preparing her lessons. She has a pleasant voice and comes across friendly. She enjoys the pupils, but also teaching itself. Besides that, she is flexible, whereby she comes across relaxed. The assignments which were chosen and the explanation which was given were clear. The children went to work enthusiastically.
Also the finishing of the lessons got the right attention. Questions were asked to the pupils and Linda gave feedback to what they had done.”
- Paula, leerkracht BEVO groep 1 t/m 8 & ICC, De Ichtusschool, Amsterdam


Diego Gutierrez: eldespacho@gmail.com
Linda Bannink: lindabannink@gmail.com