Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 2009 - 2010
A six-months itinerant documentary film workshop between students and professionals of the visual arts and the humanities in Morocco, Mexico and The Netherlands, through which six documentaries around the subjects of the three daily meals were made.

Workshop participants: Abdelhadi Azrhirh, Adriana de la Rosa, Alite Tijsen, Allin Reyes, Andrea Boada, Hajar Moussa, Johann Lara, Lahcen Aounil, Laura Reiman, Marlies Edelbroek, Martín Gutierrez, Mauricio García, Michelle Vilchis, Misael Torres, Mitak el Islam Daoudi, Mohamed Yettoun, Nidalha Abderrahim, Omar Soriano, Sara Blom.

Teachers and invited lecturers: Chaib Massaoudi, Cordelia Dvorak, David Olguín, Erando González, Juan Tovar, Kees Hin, Linda Bannink, Mónica Lavín, Pedro Ortiz and Sandra Calvo, Pim Komen and Karen Murphy.

Workshop coordinator: Diego Gutiérrez with the assistance of Guillermo Amato

A publication accompanied the wrapping up of the almost one year experience. This book -comprised of a series of chronicles by Mexican, Dutch and Moroccan participants- is a kind of making of focused on the workshop experience, that provides the reader with different tracks to follow and read on, not only as a result of the varied authors but by means of the DVD (also included in this publication). Such DVD includes a series of exercises carried out during each workshop, as well as the six documentaries made in the three countries.

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