Vorbild 2010
It was like a long journey to the interior. When it was over, it looked as if we had gone far away, yet we still were in Mexico City. The first day Diego told us something about an inner string, a string that creates resonance between humans. We all have an inner string and as long as we can make it vibrate, resonate, we'll be recognized and we'll recognize among human beings. Each one of us interpreted that one way or another, I felt that we had to find that string that makes our soul sound, and I thought that with plenty of luck perhaps we would discover how to sing along with it. Helena

I arrived one day, looked at myself,
another day, looked at myself,
and I hated myself,

and I felt myself, afterwards,
I looked at myself again,

and I knew myself,
now, I can't reach,
I can't achieve resonance,

I haven't connected yet,
Everything is calm,

it's a matter of time ....
I'm close,
just about to ring ....
the strings of my soul. José Ramón

So there we were, mirroring each other, simply trusting that gaze which, full of value judgments, would help us not to have them and vice versa. Witnessing the magic of releasing the moorings and embarking on the seas of our yesterdays that inevitably define us in the midst of this city that in its chaotic experience seemed to describe us the more we looked at it. Nirvana

(texts by some of the workshop participants)

Workshop participants: Adriana de la Rosa, Arturo Guillén, Helena Fernández-Cavada, José Ramón Estrada, Judith González, Marco Muñóz and Nirvana Paz

Workshop coordinator: Diego Gutiérrez

This workshop happened in the frame of the SUBJECTIVE ATLAS OF MEXICO project organized by graphic designers MONIEK DRIESSE, ANNELYS DE VET and ANALIA SOLOMONOFF


Diego Gutierrez: eldespacho@gmail.com
Linda Bannink: lindabannink@gmail.com