the abc of cinema 2012
A collective workshop aimed to design an alphabet of inspiring exercises, which can be used as tools for the development of an everyday cinematic way of thinking and a sensitive approach towards filmmaking.

A. How do we design an ABC to train ourselves as filmmakers?

B. How do we actually film with the ABC as guideline?

C. How do we turn the ABC into a film tool that might be used by anyone?

Workshop participants: Gal Kinan, Helena Fernández-Cavada, Lidija Zelovic, Martin Van den Oever and Nirvana Paz
Advisor: Kees Hin Guest Advisor: Metje Postma
Workshop direction: Diego Gutierrez with the assistance of Orianna Calderón

“… I was thinking about the ABC of making films. The foundation movements. The basic elements on views on life.

Filming is done on the instant. At that moment you don’t have too much time to think about many things; like a musician, you have to prepare yourself. Like a sportsman does everyday, you have to exercise. (…)

There are billions of neurons in our brain and millions of them store sort of images. These images are sleeping but you can wake them up. In a way, your brain is full of images and full of colors and the whole day things happen and your brain is hearing things, watching, thinking, and these stimulus wakes up those images I’m talking about.

This is the way we see, the way we become conscious of being here, sitting here, standing there. Making a film is using some of these kinds of moments so that the audience can feel a complete story, feel millions of moments.”

Kees Hin



Diego Gutierrez:
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