Life, a dream. Seven ways to say goodbye 2021
Senior dutch filmmaker Kees Hin is filmed in the intimacy of his house by his disciple and close friend Diego Gutierrez, during a series of visits, in an attempt to keep on working together. The result is a series of 7 short films where we witness the brilliant spirit and gifted mind of 83-year old Kees Hin who tries to stay active, creative and sane, fighting aging and Parkinson's disease.

2021, 61 min. The Netherlands

Director: Kees Hin and Diego Gutierrez
Camera and editing: Diego Gutierrez
Sound design and sound mix: Hugo Dijkstal
camera and editing: Diego Gutierrez
postproduction: Ruud de Bruyn
color correction: Petro van Leeuwen
produced by: El Despacho Produkties


Diego Gutierrez:
Linda Bannink: