Will tomorrow be another day? 2016
In a closed ward of an elderly home in Amsterdam, some old people with dementia in a far advanced stage, spend their last days, often in loneliness. They hardly seem to remember where or why they are. Once in a while they are visited by two young music therapists, who make contact with them through music. The vitality these old people nevertheless still possess, awakes. The possibilities of their body and mind become visible in intimate and intriguing moments.

Premiere February 2016

Year: 2016, 28 min HD
Country: The Netherlands
Direction: Linda Bannink & Anisleidy Martínez Fonseca
Camera: Linda Bannink & Anisleidy Martínez Fonseca
Editing: Linda Bannink
Editing advice: Danniel Danniel
Sound design: Mark Glynne & Pepijn Aben

Fragment from "Will tomorrow be another day?"


Diego Gutierrez: eldespacho@gmail.com
Linda Bannink: lindabannink@gmail.com