Six Documentaries and a film about Mexico city 2001 - 2002
An effort to draw closer to and share the lives of six individuals and their friends, their relatives, their challenges, disappointments and desires. To focus on the “ordinary” individual within the tempestuous setting of Mexico City.

Seven videos were produced during the course of fifteen months, by a group comprised of nine visual artists and filmmakers from Mexico and abroad. Every two months, a team of two to three people came together in Mexico city, with the purpose of producing one of the documentaries. For a period of three weeks, the group stuck around and filmed one inhabitant of Mexico City, as well as his/her circle of friends, relatives and colleagues.

A project in collaboration with: Linda Bannink, Bibo, Joris Brouwers, Yael Bartana, Patricio Larrambebere, Kees Hin, Jeannine Diego, Sebastián Díaz Morales, Aldo Guerra, Barbara Hin and Diego Gutierrez.

ANTENA, 57 min. / TITA, 48 min. / LOS SUPER AMIGOS, 44 min. / CARLOS, 50 min. / HERNANDO, 38 min. / EL REY, 36 min. / JORGE, 53 min.

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ANTENA - 4 min. fragment

A mysterious signal that interferes regular televised programming throughout the city which provokes panic among mass media executives, spawns a bizarre persecution.

In a play between the real and the fictious, “Antena” is the film that brings together the stories of six documentaries.

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Diego Gutierrez:
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