Torre Latinoamericana / D. Gutierrez July 1998
When I think about the Torre Latinoamericana, I imagine a great vessel that carries its own universe, the enterprise and its crew, a ship floating over the immense sea that surrounds it: Mexico City. Likewise, suddenly I discover myself and “the other” crossing the space of the tower through the elevator tube. An individual emerges from the infinite of the everyday. An event for and within the tower. Perhaps a portrait of the building and its users. The collective and the individual. Mexico City and the tower. For six months, I undertook a series of activities, with the purpose of becoming involved with the tower's visitors and daily users. From meetings and chats in the elevators, to a helicopter flight around the tower, filming from different angles of the building and organizing a serenade for the tower.

Diego Gutiérrez, July 1998


Diego Gutierrez:
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