An exciting moment… 2016
We are so used to look around, but what about the sounds?
What happens when you don’t look, but listen? Can you show what you hear?

In this workshop (2x1,5 hour) for primary education (4-8 years) by Linda Bannink, the children make unique ‘drawing films’ with exciting daily ánd abstract sounds as starting point.

The children listen to a sound-story with realistic, recognizable daily sounds. The ‘main charachter’ wakes up, has breakfast, brushes his/her teeth, and leaves the house. Walking on the street, you hear the birds, cars passing by, a dog is barking…en then those strange, exciting sounds…what is happening? Can you draw it?

The children draw what they imagine happening during the exciting part of the story with abstract sounds. After that they will record their ‘exciting moment’ with the main character, their drawing and the videocamera.
The workshop lets children think about and experiment with sound and imagination. Can you show what you hear?

An exciting group 1&2 Elementary school Oscar Carré, Amsterdam


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