Real or illusion? 2017 - now
Can you fly? Can you appear very big? Or very small? Could you catch the sunlight?
In this workshop by Linda Bannink (4x1,5 hour) for primary education (6 – 12 years) the children experiment with timing, position, perspective and light. No superficial ‘selfies’ or hasty registrations, made with a lack of attention or inspiration! By being focused and using our intuition we breathe new life into photography!

With photocamera’s the children go on discovery around the school. They are challenged to be inventive and find solutions by assignments which are playfull and approachable.
During the workshop the children always use the cameras and take pictures themselves.
With the camera they explore all kind of natural phenomena, like ‘gravity’ or ‘sunlight’. Common phenomenons, because we see them everyday, but how ‘ordinary’ are they?

In the end of the workshop the children choose their ‘best’ photo. Which photograph do you want to show? Which photograph makes you proud? Do you want to give this photo a title? The photographs of all the children are put together in a booklet and/or a video.

Video made by the children of Group 4/5, OBS De Roos, Amsterdam



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